“I love you”
Is the first step to heartbreak

Pride is not always a downfall
Trust is not always a good quality

Dr Pepper is a vice
Independence can be vanity

Insults can be humorous
And jokes can make you cry

Comfort can come in a phone call
Or a smile from a stranger

Laughing can cure sickness
And a perfect hug can heal anything

To believe in nothing
Is harder than to believe in everything

Some things just aren’t worth it
Never say never

No matter what women say
We all love flowers

“We can still be friends”
Means good bye

Don’t fear the inevitable
Embrace any chance to travel

A picture really can say a thousand words
And sometimes words just aren’t good enough

If you trusted them enough to get hurt
Then deep down you love them enough to forgive

Never, ever give up
Believe in yourself – or no one else will

If you really love someone
Tell them

Music has the ability

To make or break a teardrop

 You have to love yourself

Before you can truly love someone else

Friends mean more than money
Speeding doesn’t always get you there faster

Wealth is over rated
Rich doesn’t mean happiness

Love is a matter of opinion
And honesty is near impossible
Sticks and stones can break a bone

But words can break a heart