I want to change the world,

help people who have no one else

I want to be the smile surrounded by tears

I want to be the courage, that drowns out fears

I want the broken and the bruised

the destroyed and the abused

the depressed and the confused

to come and listen

to this story all my own


I’ve been ripped down to my bones

stripped of all I ever was

taunted and tormented by the thoughts of what he did

what he does

The guilt, it eats my soul

surrounds my being,

swallows me whole.

I did nothing, out of fear

and now everything seems clear

what I should have done and didn’t

what I could have done but wouldn’t

I guess I use this lame excuse

that the sexual abuse

clouded and took over

but from that day I’ve known the truth


I’ll make something good come from this

help people like me

see that they are in control,

stand up, smile, and believe

you can still change the world


Yeah that’s my hope…my story,

in all its sad and beautiful glory